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Whether you want to travel and socialise when you retire, or simply enjoy a quieter lifestyle you'll need accurate information to help you plan. Retirement Expert offers expert advice and information about pensions, accommodation, health, travel and leisure to help you make the most of your retirement.
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Finance and Pensions: Retirement Planning For Small Business Owners,...
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Food and Drink: The Best Food to Keep the Brain Healthy, Food Related Problems,...
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House and Home: A Guide to Choosing a Care Home, Avoiding Falls, Retirement Homes,...
Leisure and Pleasure
Leisure and Pleasure: Looking After a Pet in Retirement, Clubs to Join...
Personal Safety
Personal Safety: Personal Alarm Systems, Making a Compensation Claim for a Fall,...
Relationships: Caring for a Partner, Living With Family During Retirement, Making...
Retirement and Working
Retirement and Working: Part-Time and Voluntary Work in Retirement, Who...
Retiring Overseas
Retiring Overseas: Health and Financial Bonuses from Retiring Abroad, Getting the Most...
Travel and Adventure
Travel and Adventure: Senior Holiday Cruises, Mobility Aids, Driving in...
Latest Comments
  • Angel
    Re: Clubs to Join in Retirement
    Hi, My mom is 65 years old and likes to travel. But she does not want to travel alone or with people she doesnot know. Is there…
    26 October 2016
  • Kendra
    Re: Clubs to Join in Retirement
    Hello, we offer a whole range of events for the community within our Bupa Care homes, these range from Lunch Clubs, coffee…
    25 October 2016
  • RetirementExpert
    Re: Clubs to Join in Retirement
    shaz - Your Question:My mum is 65 ( in swanley ) she lost her husband 6 months ago to cancer.She needs some clubs / activities to…
    20 September 2016
  • Rhea
    Re: Making New Friendships During Retirement
    Am looking for friends men or women to share life experience, knowledge etc
    20 September 2016
  • shaz
    Re: Clubs to Join in Retirement
    My mum is 65 ( in swanley ) she lost her husband 6 months ago to cancer . She needs some clubs / activities to help her get out…
    18 September 2016
  • Dee
    Re: Clubs to Join in Retirement
    Hi am looking for groups in Sittingbourne area.I am 67 and not ready for slippers thanks very much! I like walking visiting places…
    4 September 2016
  • TQM-Southend
    Re: Clubs to Join in Retirement
    Hi, as a singing entertainer in and around Southend Essex, I have the pleasure of meeting seniors at their clubs, societies, care…
    24 August 2016
  • Gina
    Re: Clubs to Join in Retirement
    Karen, I know exactly how you feel. I am 69 with a severe hearing loss and I find there is nothing available to people in my…
    12 August 2016
  • Karen
    Re: Clubs to Join in Retirement
    I am 72 years old lost my husband through cancer. Still was working caring for my two sons. Seen to their welfare, help them get…
    10 August 2016
  • Ray
    Re: Learning for Free in Retirement
    Could you please tell me if you have any free or discounted history courses please. I am retired. Many thanks
    1 August 2016
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