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Whether you want to travel and socialise when you retire, or simply enjoy a quieter lifestyle you'll need accurate information to help you plan. Retirement Expert offers expert advice and information about pensions, accommodation, health, travel and leisure to help you make the most of your retirement.
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Finance and Pensions: Retirement Planning For Small Business Owners,...
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Food and Drink: The Best Food to Keep the Brain Healthy, Food Related Problems,...
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House and Home: A Guide to Choosing a Care Home, Avoiding Falls, Retirement Homes,...
Leisure and Pleasure
Leisure and Pleasure: Looking After a Pet in Retirement, Clubs to Join...
Personal Safety
Personal Safety: Personal Alarm Systems, Making a Compensation Claim for a Fall,...
Relationships: Caring for a Partner, Living With Family During Retirement, Making...
Retirement and Working
Retirement and Working: Part-Time and Voluntary Work in Retirement, Who...
Retiring Overseas
Retiring Overseas: Health and Financial Bonuses from Retiring Abroad, Getting the Most...
Travel and Adventure
Travel and Adventure: Senior Holiday Cruises, Mobility Aids, Driving in...
Latest Comments
  • lillypat
    Re: Clubs to Join in Retirement
    Hi I am a 66 year old married woman, I am looking for clubs where I can make some friends, my husband has his own interests, going…
    8 July 2016
  • Shkira
    Re: Clubs to Join in Retirement
    Hi same old story I'm afraid , in my 70 's b it feel 50 Not ready for slippers and bingo yet, after losing my wonderful husband ,…
    30 June 2016
  • Jenny
    Re: Clubs to Join in Retirement
    Hi I have just opened a new shop within Dagfields crafts and antiques near Nantwich Cheshire. It's called Jayelle butterfly crafts.…
    10 June 2016
  • hodie
    Re: Clubs to Join in Retirement
    For those on any kind of government allowances can I bring your attention to a talk I have just attended by the local CAB. This was…
    10 May 2016
  • scoffer
    Re: Travel Concessions for Over 60s
    Can you please e-mail me the phone number of purchasing an over 60"s travel discount for £65.00 for 3 years,thank you,Graham…
    28 April 2016
  • Lilian Scriven
    Re: Winter Fuel Payments for Pensioners Living Abroad
    My husband died March 2014 the last year the allowance was paid out I was informed that when working I…
    7 April 2016
  • Ivy Court
    Re: Clubs to Join in Retirement
    Hi We are a new care home in Norwich. We have started a dementia café and an over 60's social club running monthly. Please contact…
    28 March 2016
  • Yve
    Re: Clubs to Join in Retirement
    Hello I'm in bristol and would love to join a club of anything I know of a badminton club and swimming but want to know what else…
    18 March 2016
  • brigandchief
    Re: Clubs to Join in Retirement
    Hi You left modell engineering societies out of your list. Do a quick search and you will find one near you. Cheers David
    11 February 2016
  • Rick
    Re: Learning for Free in Retirement
    Question about this service that is offered. Interested in gaining college education degree. Am retired now 1 year.
    3 February 2016
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