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The Health Benefits of Part-time Retirement

By: Garry Crystal - Updated: 9 Feb 2015 | comments*Discuss
Retirement Employment Health Benefits

Part-time work during retirement can bring many health benefits. Retirees who work in a part-time capacity stay healthier and are less stressed than those who give up work completely.

Staying Healthy by Working during Retirement

For many people retirement is the time to enjoy the benefits of decades of work. The chance to relax from the stresses of work life and enjoy leisure pursuits is one of life’s ultimate goals. But research has shown that those who continue to work in part-time jobs during retirement do benefit from better health. Retirees who work part-time have better mental and physical health than those who give up work completely. But there are certain types of work that will make a difference to the health benefits of working during retirement.

Survey Results on Working during Retirement

A study of over 12,000 retirees was undertaken by the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. The participants of the study were aged 51 to 61 and were interviewed every two years for six years. The results of this study found that working part-time in a job related to a previous career did have health benefits. Retirees who took on new jobs not related to previous careers were found to exhibit higher levels of stress. Those who took on completely different work than previous careers had to adapt to a new work environment and new work habits.

Making the Transition to Part-Time Retirement Work

Retirees who take new jobs that are related to previous careers were found to have better mental health than those who retired completely. Retirees who wish to make the transition into part-time retirement work should consider jobs related to their previous careers. According to the study, people who took jobs that were not related to their previous careers showed no mental boost whatsoever. There is also the fact that many retirees have to take part-time work that they do not enjoy due to financial motivations. This is a case of people having to work in completely different jobs rather than wanting to.

Benefits of Enjoying Part-Time Work during Retirement

For retirees who choose the right kind of employment there are a number of health benefits. Enjoying work can lead to better mental and physical health. Having reduced mental health can lead to physical illnesses. Retirees who enjoy part-time employment function better on a day to day basis and according to the survey have less major diseases. Employment during retirement is known as bridge employment and those who pick the right type of bridge should see positive health results.

Job Status Can Make a Difference to Health

Maintaining a previous job status during retirement can also make a difference to positive wellbeing. Retirees who remain in the same type of employment during retirement benefit from an enhanced sense of well being. Retirees who remain in jobs they enjoy also exhibit good levels of self-esteem. This in turn has a positive mental effect and the transition into retirement is an easier process. Choosing the right type of retirement work should be a major consideration.

Picking the Right Type of Retirement Work

Choosing the right type of retirement work should take some consideration. Spending a great number of retirement years at work without enjoying it will definitely be detrimental to physical and mental health. Points to consider when choosing retirement employment should include:

  • Consider previous employers for part-time jobs during retirement if the previous work was enjoyable
  • Research temporary job recruitment websites to find jobs that will be enjoyable
  • Consider starting a business such as consulting in areas related to previous employment
  • Consider learning new skills that can lead to wider job options that will be enjoyable if a fresh start is needed
  • If retirement is about to happen ask present employers for part-time hours to help with the transition
  • If money is not a factor consider volunteer work or work such as teaching and lecturing to pass on previous skills
  • Do not jump at the first job offered, take time to weigh up options and don’t be scared hold off for the right job
Working in the right job during retirement can be both enjoyable and increase health and general wellbeing. Many employers do welcome older workers as they are viewed to be reliable and have many years of experience. Working in a part-time capacity may be one of the best ways to stay mentally and physically healthy during the retirement years.

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@sunny. No you don't have this right but you can always ask your employer if you can be considered for part time work.
RetirementExpert - 12-Feb-15 @ 12:39 PM
I have a full time work contract do I have the right to cut down on my working hourswhen I reach retirement?
sunny - 9-Feb-15 @ 7:42 PM
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