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Making Extra Cash Without Working

By: Garry Crystal - Updated: 28 Jul 2017 | comments*Discuss
Retirement Extra Cash Additional Income

Making extra cash without work seems like a claim made by the many scammers on the internet. But there is a saying that if you find a job you love you will never work a day in your life.

Looking at Work from a Different Angle

There are retirees who are making extra cash doing jobs that they do not consider work. These are the kind of jobs that involve some spare time and very little effort. Jobs such as finding items at car boot sales and then selling them online. Leisure pursuits that many retirees simply do for the love of it can also bring in some additional cash during the retirement years. If a person enjoys the pursuit and can find ways of making money from it then this can be a rewarding and financially lucrative pastime.

Turning Bargain Hunting into a Money Spinner

Thousands of people enjoy picking up bargains at car boot sales every weekend. But some people are making a living from this weekend pastime. It is quite easy to pick up collectable items and even antiques at car boot sales for very little money. These can then be cleaned up and placed on internet auction sites and sold for a profit. In fact, many people have turned this pursuit into a full-time money making venture. Almost anything can be sold online and people will pay money for items that would not be considered sales worthy by others.

Turn Your Hobby into Cash during Retirement

Spare time hobbies during retirement that involve creative pursuits can actually turn out to be excellent sources of income. Hand crafted goods, paintings and knitted items that are usually produced as a leisure pursuit are make great sales items. Consider the people in the Scottish Islands who produce knitted sweaters; these sell for hundreds of pounds each. Anyone who has a skill of this sort and uses it simply as a retirement hobby can make some additional cash. Again, there are plenty of buyers on websites such as ebay or it is quite easy to set up a small website in order to sell directly.

Selling Items without Paying Fees

The internet is one of the best ways to sell items, reach a large customer base and it does not need to cost a penny. Auction websites like eBay, often have free listings days and weekends where users can place their products online for no charge. This eliminates the fees for each item placed on the website. Other advertising sites such as Gumtree are also free to use, and adverts can be placed every day without costing a penny. Sites such as Gumtree are also a good place to pick up bargains and ‘free to pick up’ items that can be sold on for a profit.

Make Money during Retirement from Skills

Private tutoring during retirement is an option for those with certain skills to earn some extra cash. Teaching others how to play musical instruments or speak foreign languages, or giving art lessons can bring in additional income for only a few hours per week. There is huge scope for tutoring especially if the price is kept to an affordable level. Again, advertising these services does not need to cost a penny using free to advertise websites. It is also possible to advertise through internet social networking sites and word of mouth.

Passive Income through Writing

The internet is awash with advertisements from companies looking for writers. But anyone who has a skill that can be passed on can set up their own website and place advertisements in order to bring in additional income. This will require some initial work but once the written content has been set in place this is a form of passive income. If enough people are interested in the content on the website then money can be generated through advertising. This will not usually make the writer rich but it is basically passive income during retirement that does not require additional work.

Shoppers are always looking to pick up a bargain during financially hard times. People will turn to the internet auction sites when cash is tight to look for the best prices on goods. There are many retirees who are making an excellent additional income via internet selling. This includes selling goods and skills to others, and a major bonus is the almost non-existent internet sales overheads.

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Hi I have recently retired and I'm trying to find some kind of woodwork course in the Liverpool area that's not going to cost me a fortune any suggestions welcome
Stevie - 28-Jul-17 @ 4:13 PM
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